Monday, October 10, 2016

Waste Management 'Act Green / Act Clean' instead of 'Think Green / Think Clean'

They should have on the trucks 'Act Green /Act Clean'. I wrote to Waste Management about this, I am curious whether they will change their logo.

The fifth book of the New Testament is called Acts not Thoughts. The apostles 'acted', they didn't only only 'think'. It is big a difference between acting and thinking.

Very good answer from WM, and I got it (the slogan is for the company not a moving ad):

Thank you for contacting Waste Management in regards to our Think Green, Think Clean slogan. I absolutely appreciate your feedback and do agree that acting in a sustainable way is just as important as thinking environmentally.

As an environmentally progressive company we want our customers to know that thinking green is behind every decision we make. It is about the opportunities we have to protect human health, natural resources and the environment. As well as being a leader and innovator in the development and implementation of environmental solutions. To learn more about our environmental solutions and to view our sustainability report please visit our website .

Please do not hesitate to contact me at if there are any additional questions or concerns or if I can assist you any further.

Thank you for choosing Waste Management. Have a great day!

Waste Management Customer Service

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