Monday, October 24, 2016

Kohala Cola with Organic Plant Extracts

100% organic ingredients
Sweetened with organic agave syrup
With low glycemic index (<39)
With organic plant extracts (my bold)
No caffeine
No granulated sugar
No phosphoric acid
No artificial flavours
No artificial sweetener added
GMO free

I had asked what are these organic plant extracts and received the full list of ingredients.

So the Organic Plant Extracts are: Cinnamon, vanilla, lemon, Orange, mint, Nutmeg Cola Nut, Ginger and other ...

"And other ... " bothered me, not a lot, but it did. I asked about the "other" and, as expected I might say, I haven't received any answer. Usually "other" is not so natural and organic so companies don't want to "disclose" it and I suppose they don't have to.

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