Thursday, October 6, 2016

Amazon makes me "deny" myself

Beside 'Sign Out' there is a question, Not <First Name>? Sign Out on the same line!

If I was Ann, the line would be Not Ann? Sign Out so I am supposed to not sign out but I want to.

Long live data analysis! "Data trumps intuition"  is the mantra at Amazon.

'Website Optimization' book by Andrew King: For Amazon every 100 ms increase in load times decreased sales with 1%.

Amazon must have analyzed some customers will end up not signing out, as their logging out action would be incongruent, and the consequence is they will order more by not having the inconvenience to log back on. I wonder if this is the case

While conventional wisdom has held that customer service is Amazon’s secret sauce, Bezos’s core innovation was to place data at the center of his corporate culture. Despite big data’s hype, Bezos is unique in his data focus. The rest of us are using buzzwords to try to keep up.

Here’s what it takes to do it right, according to the Amazon boss:

1. Metrics define your corporate culture.
2. Listening to data starts at the top.
3. Democratize data.

More about the above points on Data Driven: What Amazon's Jeff Bezos Taught Me About Running a Company

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