Monday, February 19, 2018


I liked Mezzetta's Nappa Valley Bistro. It carried a premium price but I didn't mind paying it. "I found the best pasta sauce." I had thought.

And they changed the ingredients, mainly they removed the wine, but they kept the premium price :).


Customer Service responded to my inquiry about the change:

Napa Valley Homemade (NVH) is Mezzetta's next generation of our Napa Valley Bistro (NVB) pasta sauce. We evolved this line based on thorough market research and analysis that indicated an overwhelming consumer desire for an all-family product that's clean, simple and natural.

To do so, we updated our label and our ingredients to be just that - clean, simple and natural. Many consumers loved our NVB sauces, but found the wine ingredient polarizing and limiting, so we removed the wine to accommodate their need for an all-family offering.

The truth is you cannot please everyone, but now their pasta sauce tastes the same like the others, and the price is almost double. They lost me as a customer and I do not understand why they could not make both: 'Napa Valley Bistro' without 'evolving' it and the 'Napa Valley Homemade'.

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