Saturday, February 25, 2017

Energy Bars

President Choice Super+ Energy Bars are the best energy bars I have ever eaten and I have tried out many other brands. I was so happy I had found them, finally my quest was over, they were organic, not expensive, and very delicious. 
But my joy didn't last long. I went back to the store and these energy bars were no longer on the shelves. Someone checked in the system and I was told the bad news this product had been discontinued!

17 November 12017
The bars are still listed on the site, but unfortunately you can no longer find them.

Chewy, moist and bursting with delectable fruits and nuts, our energy bars are a source of fibre and a good source of iron and copper. We call them “Super+” because they’re organic and contain natural source superfood and functional ingredients. No artificial flavours or colours.

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