Friday, November 11, 2016

McDonald's Survey vs. Tangerine Survey


Free medium fries and a drink for a 10 minutes survey, of course I did it.

Anyway in the end I was left with a bitter taste. This what the coupon said: 

The free medium fries and drink was free only if you bought a sandwich.

Should I complain that they should have mentioned this on the receipt? Nah, too much complaining. 
I won't bother with any McDonald's surveys in the future.


15-20 minutes to complete the survey, and no reward whatsoever! I did not bother.

I still remember when I got a survey in the mail from RBC with a $2 coin in the envelope. Of course I filled out the survey and mailed it (postage was paid as well).

And this is how it should be done:

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